Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A different sort of fish cooking method

I put my values into action last week by boldly signing up for 10 boxes of Community Supported Agriculture produce via the Full Circle Farm. The gorgeous photo above is of today's CSA box. Beautiful bountiful produce. And even more exciting is that I don't have to go shopping! Everything is already preselected, packaged, and ready for pickup on my route home from work. What could be better? I'll tell you what. The food has been minimally handled: less people germs and less bruising. This means I have the option of actually eating the beet greens; they aren't all stringy, torn, and gross like the one's at Fred Myers.

In an effort to eat more fish without scouring the internet for hours dreamily reading and comparing recipes, I make a point of asking the seafood department fish handlers what fish they like to eat and how they like to prepare it. Today, a fellow advised me on his preferred method of cooking marinated black cod: steamed upon a block of tofu. It sounded intriguing and unusual. I tried it. It worked. The tofu is used to keep the marinade on the fish and what marinade does rub off then flavors the tofu. The guy likes to eat a bite of tofu with each bit of fish. I tried that too. It was okay. I used extra firm sprouted tofu. Perhaps he uses firm to softish tofu? That would've been more smooth. Either way, you start off with about a pinkie-finger-knuckle's depth of water in the pot. By the time all the water has evaporated, the fish and the tofu have been cooked. Bon App├ętit.

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